Topic of Interest : Using ICTs for Assessment

After following the EDC3100 Diigo bookmark tag “Assessment” I was guided to explore further some of the great resources that our Lecturer and fellow students have been sharing. A couple that took my interest were Three Ring App and Google Forms.

Three Ring App – This app can be downloaded free for teachers and allows student discussions, presentations, formative assessments to be easily recorded, collated, stored and shared with fellow teachers (with a privacy option). An excellent option for capturing data from students with learning difficulties, or those who struggle to provide the more traditional means of assessment evidence. Our Lecturer also guided attention to an interesting blog  by Joe Bower regarding the idea of abolishing assessments – I can see this app has the potential of removing the standard asssessment formats and associated stress for both teachers and students and aligning to the ideals noted in this discussion. More information and comment can be found on fellow student Mrs Frintzilas post -worth checking out!

Google Forms – At first I thought this idea would be a time consuming task that is just another thing to do in an already busy teaching day. But on closer inspection I can see its effectiveness for quickly gathering/recording student information, marking, and providing instant feedback.  I also think this tool could be applied to differientation strategies for those students requiring extra support, encouragement or even access to the curriculum.  I located some information through google and fellow students blogs – One step ahead has a great post and directs readers to another blog page  by Tom Barrett noting how the tool is utilised in classroom settings – Thanks for sharing!

Academically Speaking also posts a fantastic tutorial explaining how to set-up and use Google Forms.

Possible downsides – every student participating in google forms would need both computer and internet access. This is not always possible in classrooms.



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