The guided ICT journey is ending… but our journey is just beginning….

As I put the last few words to Assignment 3 I contemplate the path travelled…

An exciting journey – traveling through uncharted waters!

Wordle: ICT feelings

 Throughout this learning path I have learnt how to blog, tweet, embed media into a blog, post a comment onto another’s blog page, broadened my ICT tool-belt, and TPACK

I am looking forward to building on my PLN and continuing on this path as I enter the education profession.  Perhaps our paths will continue to cross as we develop the skills gained through this ICT experience and embrace the social networking phenomenon that is the ICT world of today and look to the new challenges of tomorrows learning.

Good Luck Everyone ! !


One Step Closer

I was a little nervous to begin with as I was asked to plan a complete unit for technology and deliver the lessons and assessment task during my practicum. I didn’t know the kids, or their learning capabilities. I did know that the technology unit had to integrate ICT development and persuasive text elements – this was too much freedom and to begin with I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

Using the principles of backward design applied in Assignment 2 (more info in the video below or click here), I came up with an assessment item of constructing cereal box covers using publisher. The teacher advised both she and her class had limited knowledge of the program and the product design supports the persuasive elements. Away I went, and this became a fun and exciting adventure.

Presenting this idea to the students was just as exciting. They were enthusiastic and immediately engaged with the task and each consecutive lesson.

By week 3 I had completed my unit and was confidently teaching everyday and loving it! !

Because of this experience my skills in Publisher blossomed as did my interactive whiteboard skills. Browsing other students blogs it is exciting to see some of the ICT tools others have successfully integrated into their learning experiences. Vivien  mentions she is working on her use of the Interactive whiteboard. While Michelle Poulter reflects on the sheer exhaustion  from being on prac  as well as her improved behaviour management skills. I think we all felt like new parents Michelle – exhausted, and overwhelmed with the multitude of learning both positive and negative.